Declaration of Commitment

Vieira Araújo´s Executive Board expresses publicly (internally and externally):


Its commitment, and of all the structure it directs, to comply with and enforce what is stipulated in the documents of the Companys Quality and Food Safety Management System;

The importance of meeting customer requirements and applicable regulatory and legal requirements and that is responsible for promoting awareness of compliance;


The quality function is a strategic bet of the company, being a fundamental vector of its activity.

Therefore, adequate means and resources are available for the implementation, compliance and maintenance of the Quality and Food Safety Management System.

The Executive Board undertakes to disclose the Food Safety and Quality Policy and its objectives, to communicate them and to ensure compliance with them.


Quality and Food Safety Policy

Vieira Araújo is committed to a strategy of continuous improvement, associated with the performance of its activity

in the field of production of capsules and handles for packaging.

In this sense, it ensures the availability of the necessary resources for the implementation of its quality management and food safety system.

Vieira Araújo Quality and Food Safety Policy is based on 4 vectors, to know:


Customer satisfaction:

For full compliance with its requirements, including legal ones.

For the continuous improvement of processes.

By offering an integrated service, from design to after sales.

For the production and market introduction of safe products.


Employee satisfaction:

In line with the company objectives:

Maintain high levels of motivation, ensuring that employees skills are in line with responsible industrial practices.

In improving working conditions.

For the commitment and maintenance of the product safety culture.


Shareholder satisfaction:

For the growing value, recognition and notoriety of the company.

For the return on invested capital.

Commitment to internal and external communication.


Society satisfaction:

Through wealth creation.

By creating and maintaining sustainable jobs.

Due to the reduced environmental impact associated with its activity.

Collaborate on community initiatives and requests.


The Quality and Food Safety Policy was defined by the Executive Board and

constitutes a full transcript made available to interested parties.

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